Monday, January 2, 2017

January 2017

Oh man, it's the 2nd day of January and I have PMS something fierce and school has not started yet. Jason has been really sick for the past SEVERAL days (including a trip to the ER for a bronchitis diagnosis on New Years Eve), and so I feel like I have been going it alone. Coughing sounds do not stop and I am really over it.  

I think due to the PMS I am having a hard time turning the page on this year.  I usually feel motivated and goal oriented but I am having a LOT of self doubt.

I call this: I can't be awake with myself.

Again. PMS.

So I will be gentle on myself and give myself about another week before I dig into 2017.  

We've got this. I've got this.



  1. You're AWESOME!! You WILL push through! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ALL the sweaters you knitted for your family! Best Christmas gifts are the ones made with love!! XO

  2. I really miss your written blog! I can always relate. I have the January blues. Happy 2017!