Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Olek Billboard

I saw a call for crocheters on the oleknyc instagram page. I follow Olek because she makes epic yarn bombs. I loved her in the film, YARN.  I decided to respond. I was instructed to go to a dark little corner bar in Brooklyn. At first, it looked abandoned, but upon further exploration I saw Olek and company there in the back! She approached me with a warm hug and then grilled me on my politics. I, like many Americans just feel befuddled by this whole election cycle, so I didn't have much to say.  But I agreed to crochet for her cause-the cause of Ms. Clinton.

After a night crocheting side by side I asked if we could take a pic. She said: people who ask me for a pic, I never see again. Of course I was going to prove her wrong. I crocheted about 5+ panels.  

I turned them in dutifully on time and on schedule, and the last push day I sat for a few hours and started piecing the ENTIRELY-crocheted billboard together.  Crocheting so tight and with such scratchy acrylic took some mental prowess.  I spread the word about the project to anyone I thought could help out. I even stopped a guy on the subway platform who was wearing hand crocheted pieces, and recruited him!  It was a fun way to spend a few weeks, though a little distracting from some other deadlines I had--it all worked out. 

I wish I could have gone to see the billboard put up myself, but I did end up driving to New Jersey to get some video of the billboard in it's full glory.  So glad I could have my Olek experience!

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