Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sheep and Wool 2016

My favorite day of the year! This year, since I have a new youtube channel about knitting, I decided to make a video during my day at Sheep and Wool entitled: TELL ME ABOUT YOUR RHINEBECK SWEATER.  I designed a sign that could be completely folded up and tucked away when I wanted to enter a barn and not be encumbered.  The design involved fabric, slap bracelets and a touring extendable pole stick thing.  I had a lot of people stop me and want to tell me about their sweater. I got tired! But I got so many great participants. My favorite moment was when a woman approached me and said: "Tell me about YOUR Rhinebeck sweater!" (the only person to do that all day), and she was the DESIGNER of my sweater! It was awesome to meet Nora Gaughn.

I had friends stay with me up at the house since it is easier to get to the festival from up here than from the city.  It was a great day.

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