Wednesday, September 21, 2016

YB playground letter

I have walked by the playground many times since yarn bombing it.  A friend of mine texted me a photo that it was under construction and that the yarn bomb had been taken down! I felt sad, because I wanted to be the one to take it down.  And then a few months later, a different friend sent me a text of the tiny letter that was posted outside of the now construction site. Read it--I have a photo pictured above. BASICALLY the city took care and effort to carefully remove the yarn bomb in hopes of preserving it and DISPLAYING it in a future park office. WHAT?   I was so thrilled that I reached out to Linda Wright and we have communicated about my involvement in its new life. I am so happy.  I have only heard stories of people getting in trouble for yarn bombing, and it to be acknowledged in this way put the icing on the cake of this labor of love.

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