Monday, September 26, 2016

Sara came to visit!

Look! It's Sara! We spent a few nice afternoons going on some adventures.  One that was new to me--crazy milkshakes at BLACK TAP!
The service wasn't the best and the milkshakes were meh….but I love a new-to-me adventure so I was happy!

We found a lovely little resting spot at ABC Carpet and Home. It was nice to take a break---17K steps!

Waiting for our milkshakes.

We stopped by Purl Soho and Aunt Sara educated Pickle on our milkshakes.

Okay now this may seem weird, but when I first met Angela (pictured on left), she REALLY reminded me of Sara (pictured on right).  Now that I know Angela very well they are totally separate people, but I still wanted them to meet. We went to Serendipity (which I hadn't been to in a hundred years), because Sophie (Sara's daughter) wanted the frozen hot chocolate. It IS really good. But they make you order a min. which is lame, so I got potato skins! It was weird.

I went to Carmine's with them--my first time. Jason used to go all the time for work lunches, but I avoid Times Square like the PLAGUE. But we loved it. I highly recommend going there and getting the vodka penne and house salad. DELICIOUS!

I introduced them to LeVain bakery on the UWS and they devoured the double chocolate cookies.  I can't handle the richness anymore, but they LOVED it. I am so glad we had a few days with them--definite bright spot for September!

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