Monday, September 12, 2016

Pokemon Yarn Bomb

I was away from my city friends all summer, and when I returned I realized a core group of them were obsessed with this new app called POKEMON GO.  I felt a little left out as they all sat on their phones and hunted pokemon. My kids started to catch on to it too.  I started to remember my little sister and brother's childhood obsession with their little circular pokemon polliwogs (?).  I decided to take action!  Whenever I feel like a fish out of water, I turn to the fiber arts!

I started researching pokemon. A friend found a list of all of the pokemon caught in the pokemon go app and sent it to me.  I studied the list and picked out pokemon that had shapes I knew I could recreate.  I pictured doing about 4 or 5, but once I got going, I ended up with 8 (ditto not pictured above). My rules were that I would not spend more than an evening on any given pokemon.  It worked out really well--they whipped up fast!  

I wanted to make a little video to go with the yarnbomb, so Olive and I decided to make ourselves REAL-LIFE trainers. I called them AVATARS forever, until I was corrected and given the correct terminology! TRAINERS!

I think we looked very authentic!

If you watch the video, you will see that Pickle got into the spirit too with a little Pikachu costume! It was fun working on these with Olive and it was our last summer adventure before school began.

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