Wednesday, September 28, 2016

BYU vs West Virigina

We like to go to a BYU game in the fall when it's pretty easy to get to.  This year we just had to drive to Maryland. It was fun because we stopped by the University of Maryland campus and saw the married student housing we lived in! This is where we brought our first baby home!  She got big!
We met up with our cousins and had a great time pre-game meeting Cosmo and cheerleaders and winning raffles and getting face paint.  When we first arrived we needed to use the restroom at the hotel where the pre-game festivities were happening. As I was looking for the bathroom I noticed a group of very big men. I started chatting a few up.  I asked one man-boy--what's your name? his reply: Jamal. What's your last name? his reply: Williams. I told him I had seen him play! It was funny. Jason did not believe me, but Olive was my witness, it totally happened.

I met up with my old friend from high school and her kiddos.  They are all getting so big!

BYU ended up losing, but it was a great game and we had a great time!

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