Friday, August 26, 2016

Philly Temple Open House

I have been working on the public affairs committee for my church for a while. Our major focus lately has been on the Philadelphia Temple Open House. As a result, I was actually NOT that interested in going myself! Can you believe it? 

Towards the end of the time it was open to the public, I participated in a webinar featuring photographs of the interior and stories about people visiting. I was inspired! I scheduled our visit that night and drove the girls there and back in a day. 

I am so glad I went. I ran into old friends from Illinois and even my cousin and his family!

The architecture of the temple is SO on point for the city of Philadelphia, and the interiors are simply gorgeous. I was particularly touched by a painting of an African American woman kneeling in prayer.  I inquired about it and searched the internet for it, only to find out that the original is in the South Africa temple, and not being reprinted for distribution of any kind. Bummer.

After the temple we hit a few yarn stores and ate some local fare including these fried green tomatoes. Too spicy.

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