Saturday, July 9, 2016


I spied this beauty at a piano store during Memorial Day. I walked all around the store looking at pianos and prices. I kept passing this one because it had no price and a few photos on top, so I figured it was the store's baby.  But one thing I have learned in life--EVERYTHING is for sale.  I asked the price and when he told me, my jaw dropped because it was WAY reasonable and EXACTLY what I wanted, down to the carvings on the front.  I SHOULD have negotiated because he said: this would have gone in the dumpster but I saved it. I knew that special customer would some day find it.

I am PRETTY sure I could have gotten a little off, but I was too excited, I just said: SOLD.  Oh well, live in learn. It was ART watching them install her.  WE love it.

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