Sunday, May 15, 2016

Special Visitors

Mormon talk alert!

One thing that has been fun about Jason being the stake president, is we get to meet some special people in the church.  Seen here from L to R: Janet M Nelson (our local celebrity! She is on the General YW board, but still lives here in NYC),  Carol McConkie, 1st Counselor in the YW Presidency, Joy Jones, new Primary Prez and Linda Reeves, 2nd counselor in RS Prez.

They all had such a beautiful spirit.  I am astounded at the schedules all of our general church leaders keep--they just go, go go. These ladies had left upstate VERY early to be with us, went straight to another training AND gave a fireside that night.  I look up to the women leaders in our church, and I try my best to make them proud.  We'll just pretend I wasn't on day 7 of not washing my hair in this photo!  Linda Reeves---13 children, bless her! That's only 10 more than me!

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