Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My Loves

"What do you fink?" asks me that all day.

When I have a bad tone, she says: "Mom- smile... ! Now be nice!"

Calling it the Hall of Silence instead to the Hall of Science.

Singing: "Aunt Jennika, Eliza and peggy" instead of "Angelica, Eliza and Peggy" #hamilton

I loved gardening with you.


"I have tuxedo fever!" she exclaimed after seeing a boy in her class at their instrumental concert.

Confessing to crying at school during math and blaming it on HORMONES!

I'm glad you were excited about the garden. I had fun planting with you.

I like snap chatting with you and D.

Pleased about riding train home with a friend.  I was happy to see you happy.

LOVING your graduation dress. You are still such a little girl, looking in the mirror and spinning! When did I stop spinning?
I LOVED seeing you in your play. You were so professional. It must have been scary to be the FIRST person to start the show and with a SOLO!

I was proud of you doing an entire week of service. I am glad I could join you for some of it.

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