Wednesday, May 25, 2016

More celebrating

We love going to special events, especially when we actually KNOW people there. We had a great table this year as we celebrate Music Education!  The performances were really fun and the food was great.  I ordered the filet mignon, which was going great until I got a legit piece of disgusting gristle stuck in my back teeth. I had no floss because I did not have my regular purse. 

As I was in the bathroom strategizing --because it was literally gag levels interrupting my experience--with various card stock and straws I gathered from my table, a friend came to my aid and offered me HER EARRING as a sort of toothpick. I was able to manage the situation and make our friendship forever in one single moment.  I have been feeding a vegan for so long, this was a big step back for red meat and me.

Something I am so grateful for is all the Mom friends I have made along my journey through the NYC school system. There are so many wonderful people here that also thought the idea of raising children in New York Freaking City was the best idea they (we) ever had!

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