Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

The pool opens on weekends leading up to summer so we took full advantage over Memorial Day Weekend!  

We've got ourselves some fishes!

Here are a few updates on the house. We built a giant beautiful wall on the back of the house, and this superb walkway, so that we can go in and out without worrying about scariness and dirt.  Now we have chipmunk friends who love the wall, let's hope they don't accidentally make their way inside!

Here is a new rug for downstairs, it needs a liner beneath it and a pull out couch and some more art, but it's a nice addition to the basement.

KICK-OFF summer food:

The boys found this snapper in the MIDDLE of the road on their way to gathering supplies to COMBAT all of the Birds trying to move into our porch!

This girl and her swim gear:

Bring on SUMMER!

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