Monday, April 4, 2016

Rip and Foxy Visit!

Mom and Dad came to visit. We swung by the airport and went straight upstate to the house. We spent the weekend enjoying General Conference together.  

When we arrived the hot water was acting up.  It would be hot for a minute and then suddenly turn cold. Jason worked on trying to figure out how to fix this problem for quite some time.  Mom and the girls and me finally decided to take a break from this drama to check out some Pigs up for auction down the road.  As we were leaving I noticed smoke in the distance. I saw a power line had come down and was sparking in the rainy street. I called 9-1-1--my first time! Apparently the fire brigade was already on the way. 

As soon as I hung up my cell phone rang:
Jason: the power just went out.
Kristy: I know, there is a fire.
Jason: no there isn't.
Kristy:yes, I am telling you there IS a fire, the power line is down so I am sure that is affecting our power.
Jason: oh.

I am sure he thought he had done something to cause the power to go out because he had been messing around in the mechanical room.

The good news is, we got to eat lunch at Chipotle and the power outage reset the water heater and fixed the water problem! We learned that next time this happens, we need to reset the heater manually by turning off the power. Blessing!

Jason did a training run for his upcoming marathons: he looks like a Minion here right?

Pippa must have said: I love you Grammy. I love you Papa a thousand times. She kissed and snuggled and touched them CONSTANTLY.

Mom brought the girls coloring books, stickers, erasers and colored pencils. They also participated in CONFERENCE CASH by keeping a tally of key words. Olive made out with over 100 dollars!  Mom recently cut her hair and is going gray! The cut is so flattering and her grey is going to look sooooooo good.

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