Saturday, April 23, 2016

I crochet: She Loves Me

I met Alison on set YEARS ago when we were both new mothers.  We did a print job for Yoplait that NEVER saw the light of day, but we don't care because it was the beginning of our friendship.  I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her take Broadway!  

This season she is covering for Jane Krakowski.  Fortunately for me, Ms. K was out so that meant Alison was ON! I had already seen the show with her chorus track, so I didn't feel bad when I finished her little crocheted heart garland during the 2nd act.  She was so good, and I just wish she was ALWAYS Ilona.  Another reason I love living in NYC--I get to watch friends thrive!!!

Thank you for the AMAZING complimentary seats Ms. Cimmet.

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