Friday, April 22, 2016

Flora Farms

There is something about being a new Mom. The friends you find during that time never leave you.  These are my ladies who really made the difference for me back when we were all in the trenches.  We now have 16 children between us.  I ALMOST have the oldest and the youngest child--so almost all of the babies were born in that 10 year period.  We rarely speak to each other.  We mostly group text OFTEN.  We sometimes have meet ups with smaller groups of us, but every 18 months-2 years we get together and just talk about ALL of it for 3 days straight.

It was fitting that we ended this trip (Our 10 year anniversary of girls weekend) at Flora Farms. It is an oasis!  The most beautiful setting, the most delicious food I have ever put in my mouth.  Words cannot describe.

I was super stingy about my beets. I was like: I am not sharing. And I didn't.

I don't know how they did it, but there were no bugs!  The farm had about 10 dogs and they were the fattest dogs---they just sat near the tables waiting for was pretty cute.

I am not usually a chicken pot pie person, but I knew it was going to be good, so I went for it. And I will most likely never order it again, anywhere else.

This appetizer: WALK THROUGH THE GARDEN was incredible, and to it's left, the crapese was maybe the most delicious part of any meal I have ever eaten in my lifetime.  The only rival: Charlie Trotters, 10th anniversary dinner with Jason. They are tied.

If you are ever planning a trip to Cabo, I suggest making your reservations here first, and then booking everything else around it. WORTH IT! Flora Farms.

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