Thursday, March 3, 2016

This Election

I don't even want to start blogging about this because it is like opening a pandora's box.  I want to be involved. I want to vote. I have applied for my absentee ballot because I will be out of town during the primaries. I watch hours and hours and hours of CNN. I am going to live stream the debate on Fox.  It's fascinating.

I am totally bothered by the RNC trying to block Donald Trump. I feel like it's democracy being threatened. I am watching my fellow Americans vote for him. People are coming out to vote and they are voting for him. And Romney just years earlier said almost the opposite of what he said today, about Trump. I am disappointed. I reluctantly voted for Romney in the last election. My husband and I usually debate and choose together who we will vote for. I won the Obama year, he won the Romney year.  We are still working on this election.  

I am asking friends and family when I know it's their states day to vote. I am asking anyone who will talk to me about it, who they are voting for, because I am just---jaw dropped to the floor. I just don't know.  Will Hillary be imprisoned? Will I have to pay for everyone's college if Bernie wins? You know I love when Bernie starts talking. My poor husband, so earnest: "Sweetheart, help me understand why..."

Because he feels real to me. I know that my income bracket has changed drastically from the first time I voted to now, and I understand what my husband is telling me re: voting republican...but I just feel things when I hear people speak. Obama spoke to me...I like Bernie. I hear what the other republicans are saying, but I am not feeling it.  I am not feeling Trump either, but I am watching my fellow Americans vote and I am starting to get curious.

Then I went to see Hamilton....which is SO RELEVANT for NOW. Isn't it crazy? How could they have timed this politically driven musical more perfectly? Now I feel like reading all the books about the founding fathers, but then I would have to start reading again.

6 more months.

Can you tell I am excited about pre-k to begin?

Oh America.

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