Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Perfect Day

When we built a house upstate as an escape from the city and a gathering place for friends and family, I never expected all the many roles it would play in our life.  For example, this past weekend Jason took 2 and 3 up to the house. I stayed in town because 1 had an event on Saturday we did not want her to miss.  She spent the night at a friend's house to go with her in the morning. As I saw all these plans coming together I realized I was going to have about 15 hours all to myself!  

I started looking forward to my 15 lone hours. As Jason was leaving out the door--it all came together in his mind too and I think he was happy for me.

Friday night I convinced a few scaredy cat friends to go with me to 10 Cloverfield Lane. It was SO GOOD. If you like LOST....shows like that, you should go.

I stayed up knitting until I couldn't keep my eyes open and then slept 8 hours straight with no interruptions and woke up with no alarm clock!  I stayed in bed until I HAD to get out and headed straight to my favorite bagel shop for a sausage egg and cheese bagel.  I then walked to Greenpoint for a YARN SALE.

I have been eyeing Brooklyn Tweed patterns for years now. Their yarn was part of the sale, so I knew it was time to commit to some brooklyn tweed patterns.  With 25% off I saved $85- and got yarn for my next 3 sweaters!
I'm listening to the Hamilton soundtrack.

Riptide, Levenwick, Marshal
(all by Brooklyn Tweed)

I'm making these 3 sweaters in this order, with the yarn that corresponds below:

I am CONSTANTLY drawn to TWEED yarn. I love the flecks of color in it.  I chose the blue and purple because they are colors that suit me. I chose the Quarry in color GEODE because I liked that it was a natural and had blue and purple in it.

I chose these cardigans because this yarn is 100% wool, and thus not very soft on direct skin.  I prefer softer yarn for direct skin contact. I hope that I don't regret making a pullover of the quarry--I can always layer it with a long sleeve tee to protect my skin from itchiness.

After my nice long walk and yarn purchase, I spent the afternoon readying myself for my family's return, and then I went to clean the temple.  It was nice to have time away in many forms.  I find that I just need mental space for inspiration and renewal.  I am really looking forward to having hours to myself again come this fall when all the children are in school for a nice long block of hours each day.

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