Monday, February 29, 2016

my loves

my loves

I was getting agitated and acting not so nice to my family. Instead of reacting back, you approached me with: Is something wrong? Which was super mature and I appreciated it and it almost immediately snapped me out of it.

Getting better at expressing your feelings instead of letting it all build up and acting out. Great job.

Hanging in there with the pressures of high school information being ALMOST HERE.

I love watching you dance in your private dance class. You have grown so much.  I love seeing your grace and beauty as you move.

You are so good at knitting. During knitting you condescendingly said:"I am NOT gonna be YOU Mom" (meaning I knit too much or I am really into it) and I pointed out that I could NOT do what she can do with needles at her age so she is WELL on her way to being ME!

You were so excited about the town hall meeting playing Taylor Swift.

Talking about all your desires: will it be modern dance or volleyball?

Going skiing with friends all by yourself for a weekend- I was so proud of how brave you are--you just up and went skiing! Went in a class for a half day all by yourself and everything!

You got a letter from your cousin and wrote back IMMEDIATELY and then replied AGAIN when she did.

Mom, did you know that Jesus will always be there for you?

Learning the articles of faith---you are doing so good trying to memorize them. I really like your pronunciation of "transgression."

Singing your own versions of WHEELS on the BUS. The Grandpa's on the bus was my idea --having them snore.  Then you did the Grandmas. the Grandma's on the bus say: "Wake up Hon!" " Wake up Hon!" So funny.

We were out to lunch waiting for our car to be repaired and there was a man who sat near us with a black handkerchief on his head and many piercings on his ears including one through his bottom lip--a spike pointing to his chin. You were quite fascinated by him and after a while proclaimed:
"Mom, Hims a pirate. He's very a pirate "

you often rub our necks with the back of your hand. One day in primary, your friend was sitting next to you, and you just nonchalantly rubbed the back of your hand on the front of her neck just one time. I found it hysterical.

She said to O: Can you smell this for a second? O smells the empty cup and identifies the smell as cadbury mini eggs. Her follow up question: Can you get me one of those?

Being on board with my desire to give our bedroom a facelift.

Caring so much about the house and loving it so much.

Getting excited about land improvements there.

Watching you lead are proud moments for me.

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