Sunday, January 31, 2016

my loves

D & O
SO Impressed by your professionalism during our little student feature film. You were memorized and professional and worked so hard. So proud of you girls.

I was delivering some treats to your bed side table and noticed a little stack, topped with JOY. I am happy to see you making efforts towards happiness.

I am so proud of all your dedication and determination in basketball this season.

I admire you. I know that times are tough, but you get up every day and do it all again, despite the adversity surrounding you.


Early, I am in the shower--KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK
me: come in
P: Guess whose going to Angela's house? So excited for her little adventure while mom and girls were off doing a gig.

I have 4 kids, 1 boy, and 3 girls. (she does math?)

She recognizes the letter A every where we go.

Me: Why is there wet on the floor?
P: because uh....I sticked my.....foot in the toilet (pulls a face)
Me: and then what happened?
P: I got some toilet paper and wiped it up, the end.

While playing super heros: "CUDDLE UP!" instead of HUDDLE UP.

While walking through Times Square she wanted to find the Statue of Liberty (the person dressed up as) and I said: Keep your eyes peeled!  Later I asked: Are your eyes peeled? She replied: NO, they are not peeled, they are just wiggling.

Working so hard at the flute. You are so dedicated and sounding so good.

You continue to be so good to your little sister.  I scold her and then you kindly explain why. I should be more like you.

All the kindergartners at school LOVE you

I loved laying in bed and have you read Harry Potter 4 out loud to me.

I love watching you continue to grow and learn in life and in the gospel. We had a very long discussion about eating disorders over (ironically) pizza that I at least, was stuffing in my mouth.

J: prices are definitely going down.
me: for Hamilton?
J: no, jazz vs nets

Before telling me something (usually in the sports category), you have learned to preface it with necessary information such as: so -and-so, coach of the Carolina Panthers, who will be playing in the NFL Super Bowl...
because I really do not know these facts that most others do. Thanks for making the extra effort to keep talking to me about things that you care about and I do not. Because, I care about YOU!

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