Wednesday, January 6, 2016

my loves

You stole christmas!-she accused her big sister while playing superheroes

fixating on wanting to purchase the movie MINIONS

Playing super hero.

Telling stories with a very ominous tone: last night, the rain... Comes out... Of the cloud!


I'll come with you in a second, daddy's cuddling me

Can I touch your neck?

Excited to have matching pj's with olive but not so sure about the pants nature of the pjs 

She's been so down lately and then transforms back to her self when we play heads up

Pretending she was showing me bad grade homework and then pulling out A+ papers

Making 6/7 points in basketball game 

When you got fouled out of the game we were both BOILING. Our first SPORTS Mom and Sports kid moment!

Being thrilled about all the makeup you got for Christmas

Showing a lot of bravery while we tackle life's big challenges.

Making homework a priority when fun was to be had 

Loving family and cousin time

Cutest ice skater-- little skinny legs

Feeling guilty for being "addicted" to the hover board

Thanking us over and over

Your little broken heart when you fell on the hoverboard and really hurt yourself.

Waxing philosophical about friendship and the future.

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