Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Kids on Set

I started off the year with a MASSIVE 3-day job...wrangling! It was a very ADULT day, as we were working with legit models in the business. The amount of time it takes to get them ready to go is CRAZY. The kids are called in early and sit in a room until it is their turn to go on. A large percentage of them never even make it on set, as they are back-ups.  As soon as the parents arrive I tell them to emotionally prepare for a long day.  They still have a difficult time getting through it. I watch them deteriorate as the day goes on and on.  There was a nursing Mom there, there was a mom who had a 6 week old she had left at home.  On Day 1 we had a baby there until after 8 PM.
There was a lot of super hero goodness going on this time. I was amazed and pleased at the amount of kids who were TOTALLy willing to wear these crazy masks and costumes. This white mask of mine---not easy on the face…I kind of hated it.  But the kids were troopers.  

The stylist and the tailor hooked me up with a little Pickle Swag when we wrapped:

I had a lot of anxiety leading up to this job.  It is a biggie. I have done at least one day of it in the past, but this time was the full 3 days.    I tried very hard to stay positive and be a good worker. The environment is tricky because there are many "bosses". It sometimes feels overwhelming trying to please all of them or navigate who to listen to, or what is trying to be communicated.

At the end of the 3 days, one of the higher ups said to the producer, in my presence, "we are not doing this shoot again without HER. Change it if you need to, we have to have HER." After  over a decade of wrangling, I really felt seen/heard and validated. It made the sacrifices and the EFFORT so worth it.  

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