Saturday, January 23, 2016

House Progress

This past weekend we headed up to the house. It was the first time we arrived to a suspicious smell.  We still are not quite sure what the smell is/was.  It is a little sewage-y, a little stale fireplace ash-y, a little bad food-y.  We try very hard to leave the house spic and span so that we don't arrive and find some bits of food or some other substance smelling bad….
We suspect it may just be some sewage back up/build up from none of the plumbing being used for a few weeks.  We hope that's all it is.  I found some water evidence/damage in my craft room --so not sure what that is about. The nice thing is that our builder sort of "guarantees" the house for a year, so that is so nice, because when these things come up, he will help to fix the problem.  I don't think the smell is from that, but you never know….

On to fun things…

Mom sent me some fiber arts (finished and unfinished) that she got from cleaning out my Grandma's house.  This hand-crocheted blanket was made by my Great Grandmother Mabel (who I think looks just like Pickle).  Isn't it perfect on this leather couch and the reclaimed wood in my bedroom?

This is one of my favorite paintings. I bought it as a poster print and had it custom framed for the living room:

We finally got our last print for the gallery wall.  I think this wall needs a few more frames down below….I think it is all a bit high…but I'll keep adding more and I think it will make even more of a statement.

Now I am anxious to finish the room with a coffee table and more chairs and things, but I am really happy with the progress.

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  1. We had the same problem at our mountain house...try to leave it spic and span etc etc. Came in to bad smell. Took awhile to figure it out but it was an easy solution. Forgot to run the garbage disposal before we left. I was stressed not knowing what the smell was but ended up being an incredibly easy fix. Hoping yours is a similar easy fix...perhaps it is only the kitchen sink smelling gross?
    PS. Have enjoyed reading your blog over the years. I never comment (sorry!) but crossing my fingers this comment ends up being helpful and that you also have an easy solution to the problem.