Sunday, January 24, 2016

Basketball Mom

Pickle acts as mascot to the team, almost every time. Go Dragons!

When I was a kid, I loved being active. I was always playing outside, roller skating, riding my bike etc. The highlight of my sports life was in 4th or 5th grade when my gym teacher picked me and a few other girls to play a mini game of basketball DURING half time of the high school basketball game. We were so tiny. We felt SO HONORED. I was always really competitive during gym and intramurals--I took it very seriously and tried hard.

My sports pursuits were derailed when I didn't make the volleyball team in middle school. It was best that I didn't because my path took a turn when I started getting parts and doing well in musicals.  Sports was not to be my fate.

Truth: I did not know what ESPN was until I started dating Jason. Like, didn't know what he was talking about, he educated me on all things sports.  I enjoy attending a sporting events and cheering for a team, but I am just not a sports person.

When Phoebe started playing last year, I attended nearly every game-volleyball and basketball both-and beams more emotionally involved in sports than I had ever before. From last season to this, the girls have gotten so much better! It has been amazing to watch them try and improve and grow.  

This past season the girls got so much better in both volleyball and basketball.  There was one game in particular that was very intense. It was played against a team that they feel particularly competitive with, and the boys team was present watching and cheering.  We were cheering and very involved in the game and the girls were fighting hard. Phoebe got FOULED OUT of the game! I experienced feelings I had never experienced before.  I felt that the referees were idiots and blind and making bad calls.  I felt that everything happening was totally wrong!  The girls were doing so good and as soon as she was benched everything went down hill.  There are minimal amounts of kids on the team and she is one of the best players, so she plays the entire game and then without her, they couldn't carry the game.

I don't know if her future in high school will involve sports, but I don't know if this mother heart (and my vocal chords) can take it!

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