Sunday, December 27, 2015

Special Gifts from Christmas

I was SO THRILLED to receive these vinyls from my niece Daphne.  I think she got some help from her Mom! The Osmond's Christmas album is a total staple and the VINYL RECORD has WAY MORE songs than the same album released on CD. I had completely forgotten about I WONDER WHEN HE COMES AGAIN,  IT NEVER SNOWS IN LA, If I WERE SANTA's BOY....I already had the Dolly record but it had a skip so I was glad for the replacemet---LOVE that album based on the CBS special! I can't.

Olive received many games and GOOGLY EYES was a hit. It's ridiculous.

Mom gifted me an apron my great grandmother made in the 1950's and a hat my other great grandma wore as a baby-she was born in 1900. I found a special place of honor for both:

Actually Mom also gifted me the decorative rake and also made many aprons to match the house, so that we could wear them while we cook!

Grandma Jeanne sent the gals Target gift cards and so we snapped a pic of our haul to thank her:

The Paints Santa brought---HUGE hit:

Painting faces with the makeup received: also a huge hit:

Discovering our neighbors acquired alpacas: HUGE HIT!

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