Tuesday, December 1, 2015

my loves

Heard from the backseat of the car:
(singing): Just make a choice.
 You can get your life back
It's going to be ok

holding an OLAF sippy cup from target: GUESS WHAT? Snowmen have eyebrows!

Guess What? (all the time)

laying in bed with me she grabbed for my neck, and I expected her to say: Let me have your neck, but instead..."Let me have your cuddle."

seeing me in my FLEECE NAVIDAD sweater:  "Where you goin' little lamb?"

"Saving the Day" as a Princess Super Hero....a lot.

Surviving your first bout with antibiotics. We went for 3 1/2 years without! WOOT!

WHOO! I just got a rush of the spirit!
me: what was it telling you?
My life is great!

feeling so guilty for watching tv all day when you were sick....forcing yourself to go to stake conference.

crying during ONCE I WAS A BEEHIVE

crying during The Good Dinosaur.

One of your best talents is making people feel good and happy and calm. You bring out the best in most people almost immediately. You have no apprehension or fear when it comes to building relationships. I admire you for that.

you were QUITE ill with a virus for the 2 weeks leading up to your auditions...the biggest one being first.  You were gagging so hard you were puking, even the night before.  Helping you prep for your auditions I saw so much growth and poise and preparation. As we parted ways on that first audition day, I couldn't help but get a tear in my eye with pride.

Surviving and thriving during the high school auditions!

So many tears. We are in a hard spot right now, it breaks my heart to see you so sad. Middle School is THE WORST

You are getting more and more sophisticated when expressing yourself. 

I see you identifying with things like being smart and talented and beautiful and I am glad that you are so self assured in that way.

You love to talk and I love to listen.

It's very strange being THE MOM as I am taking my daughter to her auditions. I remember being THAT GIRL and looking at MY MOM.

as my daughter's are coming into their beauty, I feel certain parts of mine slipping away. Trying to embrace the INSIDE beauty....

P likes a little spoonful of chocolate in her morning oatmeal. He couldn't find it so he mashed in a reeses peanut butter cup. She didn't like that. But good job thinking on your feet honey!

Working so hard to support our family all the time.

There are so many expenses and unexpected expenses right now, thank you for sticking with us!

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