Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Gallery Wall Progress

Every time we have more than just a few days at the house, we try to get something done! I have been collecting these photos

ok for some reason I can't get this photo to load correctly, but you can still see the letters:

A: I got the embroidery KIT for this owl at a local estate sale for 50 cents. I replaced a few of the provided yarns with colors I liked better. I loved making it. I quickly became addicted to searching for and completing vintage embroidery kits on eBay.

B. I saw this photo on woolandthegang instagram account. I asked them where it came from but there was no response so I just took a screenshot and then had it enlarged!

C. I wanted to represent Jason's business school U of MD with a terrapin. I got this print on etsy.

D. I found this frame of horse photographs at a  local antique market and had to have it.

E. This is a photograph of the Bigs I took at Thanksgiving.

F. I found this photo of trees in a snowy forest, framed at a local antique store. It says in pencil. Trees. Olive, NY

G. This print! I love rifle Paper co. The end.

H. This is a photo of Pickle from Thanksgiving

I. I found this tiny little print at a local antique shop. It is a girl sitting at a piano. It's OLD.

J: I found this little completed embroider at a local estate sale. You can embroider one too!  It was a dollar.

K. This is a photo of an old man and woman. He is happy as can be, she can't be bothered with posing, she is KNITTING in the photo and obviously wearing a vest she made herself. Love it. I found it at a local antique market.

L. Another vintage embroidery kit I got on eBay. This dear deer reminds me of the fawn in my yard and the occasional deer who will sit nearby.

M. This is a cougar to represent Jason's alma mater BYU. You can get one too.

This missing piece is actually a frame of a map of our property.  I probably won't share that on the internet anyway, so you might as well use your imagination. YEAH! It turned out great!

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