Sunday, December 6, 2015

All I want for Christmas

This year for Christmas, I got a house.  It will probably be my Christmas present for the next many Christmases.  BUT! If I wasn't getting a house for Christmas, I would have this wish list:

I am ready for Cashmere. I love this from Garnet Hill.

I have been wanting THESE BOOTS since I first stumbled upon them at Chelsea Market's Artists and Flea.

When I was a kid, reading for entertainment was a struggle for me. Usually I could remain interested in a book when it was a mystery. In middle school I felt drawn to Agatha Christie, but my reading comprehension and attention was so poor, I could never make it through.  Several years ago I did some research and decided to try again. I absolutely loved the Murder of Roger Akroyd. I am craving some Christie again. 

Speaking of books, I have become obsessed with sheep (obviously) and there are a few books I really want to read:

Yarn Farming

Farm to Needle

This dress from the Sundance Catalog (quickly becoming a new favorite).

That's all my dreams….and I know they will stay dreams, but it was fun to dream in a blogpost! Happy Christmas! I have so much to be grateful for! All of my needs and wants and desires fulfilled. My husband is so hard working and gives it all to us and makes so many sacrifices for our family!

What I wish I could give to him:

Trunkclub He NEVER shops for himself and he could use a few new nice things.

A membership to Marathon Maniacs

I did go ahead and buy myself an early Christmas present on black friday, and I cannot wait for it to come!

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  1. I loved Christie's "M or N?" Mysteries have always been a favorite for me too.