Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Project

The girls' and I are working on a little student film.  It is a HUGE challenge for me. Faith in myself as an on-camera actor is so very low. All of the lines I have to memorize! I feel so not ready for this challenge. I have expressed my anxiety to the writer/director but she is pushing me, and I have a feeling, once it's all over, I am going to be grateful.  We started small with a very short scene today. I literally had 2 lines, and 9 out of 10 times before we began the scene, I said to the girls: What's my line??

I think they learned a lot through the process of filming: Don't look at the camera, don't smile uncomfortably (you are still in the scene!) Don't look at your mark, don't turn around and look at the camera until you hear cut, etc. etc. They did a great job. We had fun.  The easiest is over....I still have 2 huge scenes to work on and I am nervous and scared and sssshhhhh... a little excited.

I had to do a little "stunt driving" and that is SO NEVER going to be my thing. EVER.  I kept telling the director: I complete understand what you want me to do, I just CANNOT do that. (pulling in to a spot, front first, as opposed to reversing in like traditional parallel parking!)

It was a gorgeous day. 60+ degrees, we got hot!

Costume shots for continuity

WAITING to start!

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