Monday, November 23, 2015

The Republicans and me.

This past weekend I was asked to EMCEE the NYC LDS professional association scholarship/award banquet. It was a little las minute, but I am glad I was available to do it.  Jason networked at an event like this 13 years ago and ended up with a job with the company he still works for.  I was seated next to our honored guest, Michael O Leavitt, who was the governor of UT and then went on to serve as a rather high-up in the Bush administration. He and his son were very fun to talk to. I loved his speech---my favorite parts:

1. A story of his grandfather. When he was a 10 year old boy, he and his brothers were saving some abandoned lambs and on their way back (by horseback) they were caught in a horrible snow storm that left them stranded. They were able to start a fire but were running out of wood, so the older brothers went to fetch some. The fire kept dwindling and dwindling and this 10 year old boy knew that if the light went out all would be lost--no warmth, the brothers wouldn't be able to find their way--so he did everything he could to keep it alive. A metaphor for keeping our light shining!

2. A quote from his mother-- you find your self esteem through serving others.

I also enjoyed hearing Gordon Smith speak--former senator of Oregon--he serves in our church over our area, so I have been able to interact with him a lot, and I am a big fan.

Here we are together:

I love when an event leaves me feeling uplifted. I was happy to be a part of it.


  1. What a wonderful opportunity! You looked stunning!

  2. Gordon Smith was instrumental in getting Martin's Cove for the Church. Leavitt spoke to my class when we visited the Governor's Mansion in Salt Lake. Two great guys. You had a special opportunity to meet them both. Nice.

  3. I'm named after mike leavitt's mom and he's named after my dad--or so the rumor goes. Sounds like a nice night. The opportunities you have are amazing.