Thursday, November 19, 2015


My niece turned 12 last week. Her Mom surprised her with a quick trip to NYC. We had a great afternoon hanging out with them. We tried to get tickets to Wicked with the lottery. I have never experienced that before and it was really fun to watch the whole process.  There was not a huge turn out and we had about 6 entries and our names were NOT called!

We were all shocked.  Fortunately they were able to buy orchestra tickets at a pretty good price and still enjoy the show. I was updated later that they "could have gone to the Adele concert for free" down the street---so I am dying to hear the story.  Maybe they would have just skipped Wicked!

I love seeing my girls interact with their cousins...they have had a lot of fun the past several times they have been together and we are really looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with them up at the house.

We ate at Meltshop---ever tried it? Sourdough, cheese, truffle oil and arugula? yes please.

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