Saturday, November 21, 2015


I was on Facebook a few months ago, and noticed a Christmas tree up in a photo that was posted in September.  I questioned the decoration and date of the photo and was informed that Christmas begins in September in the Philippines. 

I remember a few years ago realizing that CHRISTMAS appeared practically the day after Halloween was over.  I thought this was too soon.

This year I saw it moving in weeks before Halloween.  And I keep hearing about how Black Friday is starting early too!

I love Christmas, I do....but this early release is making me panic.

Normally I not only have my Christmas card printed, but also, ready to send --I am often the FIRST Christmas card to arrive in people's boxes.

I have not even BEGUN the process of my Christmas card!

Who am I?

I have been almost completely consumed and focused on the high school application process. And it ends TODAY. Today was the last item of business before the waiting.

I still feel overwhelmed--Thanksgiving is next week and I'm cooking for the first time in years (I have had it catered for many years now).  My dishwasher is broken.  I have Christmas shopping to finish, CARDS!, all of the upcoming concerts and celebrations and music and and and

On paper it is not that much and it is supposed to be joyful, but I feel panic.

December is in 9 days. I am usually very on top of this how most people feel?  I don't like it.

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