Tuesday, November 17, 2015


My baby girl has always wanted to be close. She nursed longer than her other two sisters, and though weaning was pretty easy (for her!), she still wanted to touch often.  After she weaned she still often wanted to place her hand on my chest/ collarbone area.  When she burned her hands, I remember she quickly adjusted to putting her bare foot on my cheek in place of where her hand used to go.

Lately she has wanted the BACK of her hand on my neck, or have my chin in her hand.  She has to check in with these parts of my body almost hourly.

When she was sick this past week, laying on the couch watching max and ruby again, she would need a hug almost every 40 minutes.

I am so surprised that she is independent and brave. She wants to have a physical check in with me so often, but separates just fine.  Every night she crawls into bed with her big sister. I have tried to get her to stay in her own bed with sticker charts for staying! and taking away her favorite toys when she doesn't, but she still wants to have her little body next to someone else's.  

Big Sis has been resorting to sleeping on the couch because she is so sick of it and little sis is very quiet and sneaky, that I often don't know she has crawled into bed with US until I wake up in the morning.

We read all the books the other night with her hand like this.  She also smells my neck and nuzzles right in there.  It's sweet and just one of those special oddities that only she has.  Someday I will miss the check-ins.

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  1. My son is a "toucher" too... his favorite is have one of his hands slipped up into one of my sleeves. He does this to my husband too, not just me. Like you said, it is just one of his personal, special oddities. :-)