Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Progress Report

Since my last pregnancy (that turned miscarriage) I have not gotten back into my working out groove. I have also been off track because of an injury of my IT band...so my BACK TO SCHOOL goal was to workout every day M-F before the kids left for school. I have not missed a day yet!  Here are my results:

I don't see the biggest difference. I know that I am a thin before, but I was hoping for a little more muscle definition.  I have lost about 3-5 pounds depending on when I weigh myself, and my clothes feel exactly the same.

Here is what HAS changed:

WAY more energy
Healthier (I didn't get the girls virus...yet)

So....that is worth it..totally...and maybe in another 10 weeks I will see more results.

P.S. My Shiitake Dermatitis is all cleared up!

P.P.S. with the holidays starting, I hope I don't get off track!

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  1. How often do you workout? I've gone between dividing my workouts into two 20 min. session for 1 hour 4x a week. No time is no time.