Saturday, November 14, 2015

Pickle Works: Old Navy

Pickle shot with Old Navy at Glynwood in Cold Spring New York (Ironically the shoot she did the month before was ALSO at Glynwood, only for Aldi).  She was a little intimidated at first because she is used to taking photos with other children. I think she feels more comfortable when it's PLAYING.

They had no wrangler so she is smiling at me....and they ditched the hat almost right away, so this was one of the first shots. It was a pretty short, low key day. I remember riding back in the van with another mom and her daughter. They had driven from Long Island, which is a LONG trip and never got on set, because they were back up to P that day. I felt bad...but tried to make her feel okay about the day.

The next day P was on set in a studio in Manhattan. I didn't realize this, so we spent the night at the house! I thought we were going back to the farm so I drove north an hour! I was a bit stressed as we had to leave at 6 am to make our city call time the next day. DUMB. 

They were unhappy with their wrangler. Their main stylist I had worked with on a Ralph Lauren shoot YEARS earlier and she ended up replacing the wrangler with ME! So I worked the 3rd day instead of P! 

So far these are the only shots I have seen...they are on the website. She took some more in pajamas and I suspect those are in the pipeline....I'll keep you posted.

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