Sunday, November 1, 2015


I spent the summer so busy with family. Since the spring I felt pretty depleted, so creativity and ideas and things were just not free flowing.  Come fall I was determined to fight my depression and my plan has been working really well. Every day I have to exercise, read my scriptures, say my prayers and get enough sleep. This formula always brings me optimal daily joy. It has been working! I feel energy again and ideas!  HOWEVER, just as I was turning a corner on my latest bout with depression, I realized that D had her BIGGEST audition for high school ON Halloween. I knew the day would be about 8 hours and since our church party was starting at 4, I knew the probability of our family attending in full costume was small. 

I did not want MY DESIRE to have an amazing Halloween overshadow her need to do well at her audition. I knew if I spent time and money on costumes my disappointment in it not coming together would affect the day.

So....Halloween was spent most likely as most of America spends it, just throwing a few things together. No shame in this! no big deal! It actually felt good to chill about it. I ordered Jason a popeye costume on amazon because it was the CHEAPEST one, but it was ill he had no costume. D was spent after her day so she did not dress up on Halloween. For school she threw on a romper and a hankie to be Rosie the Riveter, but never made it into a photo.

I played a Citizen of the Capitol of Panem (a la Hunger Games) and was accompanied by a black cat and a fairy.

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