Thursday, November 5, 2015

Autumn in Central Park

Every once in a while the WHITE TENTS go up in Central Park. I always wish I could go in and be a  guest at the swanky event happening there.  This year I was a guest! Jason coordinates between his company and the Central Park Conservancy to serve and donate money, so he is often invited to their events.  I had very little notice for this event, but I was able to get a new dress from asos! (my new favorite go-to dress website).  The dress was FESTIVE and some of the pix we saw from last years event included black tie, so Jason went for it.  

He thought my dress was very similar to our last black tie event. I agree, the difference being fabric, it was shorter, had rhinestones and more fallish. Listen, there are only SO MANY cuts of a dress to stay modest.  I saved a little time and money by doing my own hair! I had washed it 6 DAYS EARLIER...I wish I had thought of it sooner, but I knew an undo would never work with clean hair, so I worked out, mixed my dry shampoo in with the sweat, put my hair up in a bun braid situation at 8 am and left it in all day! 

The tent was BEAUTIFUL. The band was IMPRESSIVE. I was seated next to Stuart Lane who is a 6-time tony winner for producing broadway shows. The next night he was opening Get on Your Feet the Gloria Estefan musical. FANCY!

Of course we did the photo booth. I am holding a squirrel and Jason a hawk. He held his sign backwards for the second frame, oh well.

We arrived just as the cocktail hour was ending and were immediately  pounced upon by 4 different is one:

As we left we were able to dedicate a sapling each to a loved one. I chose Tina and he chose the girls. 2 Dogwood saplings will be planted in Central Park this spring in their honor.

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