Monday, November 9, 2015


In our church we have a conference a few times a year where all the congregations get together to take stock of what is going on with all of us.  This usually consists of some adults-only, men-only, and all people meetings.  We here from our local leaders and sometimes here from our regional leaders.  There is music and talks and it's a small departure from our normal meetings.

This time it was extra special because Jason (he acts as the president of all the congregations) organized a few special elements.

On Saturday morning one of the meetings was a 5K where members of a certain Priesthood group and their families were invited to run/walk a 5K.  Unfortunately I was with D at one of her auditions and O was sick, so he took P with him. Since he pushed her in the stroller she was 3rd and he was 4th place in the race.  They had a great turn out! They even made t-shirts!

The second cool thing about our conference, is we had the local Chief of Police give a talk! He is not a member of our church but did let us know he is a Christian.  I think his message stayed with me more than anything else the entire conference. He talked about arriving at a crime scene where the sights he was seeing "Burned his eyes". His partner said: Where is God in this? And his response: Jesus is the ONLY one here.

And that brought me to tears and that was the message I needed to here this past weekend.  So good job Prez Glass. You're influencing those around you for good and inspiring people to do better and be better!

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