Thursday, October 29, 2015

Shiitake Dermatitis

I have been experimenting with DOCTOR apps lately. I had a horrible bladder infection last month where I skyped with a doctor on my phone on my couch at 10 pm at night. She sent in a scrip to my pharmacy for the next morning and suggested an OTC for the pain. I had Jason drive me to a little bit out of the way 24 hour pharmacy for this only to return past midnight and neither of us had the key to get in our building.  The buzzer was rebooting and no one was hearing our loud yells from below.  I pictured us sleeping in the van all night, me peeing into the plastic bag that I had already peed in on the way home...all night long. 

I fiddled with the electronic buzzer and got it to reset, and then identified who was still awake based on lights I saw turned on, and was able to buzz someone who let us in.

Cut to my next medical mystery. I got this crazy rash ALL OVER my body that looked like cat scratches.  It wasn't itchy or anything but it started to spread. My ER doc friend suggested it was my body reacting to the virus D had, and I Was cool with that explanation until I saw this dermatologist medical app in a magazine. I decided to try it.

After paying my $40 fee I sent in photos and medical history. The doc got back to me quickly with this question: Have you eaten shiitake mushrooms lately?

Yes! I had tried a trader joes meal chicken and shiitake and did not love it because it kind of lingered the next day.  I immediately google searched shiitake rash and found images identical to mine.  Apparently a very rare reaction to undercooked shiitake mushrooms with roughly 100 cases documented!  I had shiitake dermatitis!


Only me.

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