Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sheep and Wool Festival

We were courted by a tv show to have our house featured on their program. It was an HGTV show, you can imagine...we finally found a date that MIGHT have worked to do some shooting and then the producer said: Have you heard of the Sheep and Wool Festival? I thought your family could go and we could shoot. 

I freaked out a little.... of COURSE I had, and I had a momentary brain aneurysm about the date were discussing, and I was acting a little crazy and he then asked: So does that mean that date is off the table? Yes, yes it did.

We passed for more reason than that one, but that was a huge reason. I wasn't going to miss Sheep and Wool!

Here is our appetizer while waiting for the long falafel line!

I have never seen sheep so interested in smelling and touching and getting in my business.

Her flower headband!

Love these camelids!

I spotted an old friend there! So glad I had my eyes peeled!

Ah, worth the wait.

LOVED the theme poster this year, so cute.


The crew that got to sleep over this year! House!

Trader Joes cheese plate was EVERYTHING

Oh! And we had some wood delivered!

And the leaves did not disappoint!

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