Friday, October 23, 2015

Pickle Works: Kahn Lucas

We had a same-day last minute casting for a girls clothing company yesterday. She booked it! She loved the dresses, so that was a relief.  The job was rapid-fire. She was a pro....she would take the pictures (in the somewhat COLD weather) outside and then run in--NEXT! She was ON ONE the entire time. I will be very surprised if they get ANYTHING as she was crazy. In the 3rd photo with the hot pink, she sang the entire I'm a little TeaPot --full out belting-- for the photographer.  

The casting was at the parent company which happens to also be the company for Madame Alexander now, so it was fun to be reminded of the dolls of my youth. I went to their website and they are still making cute dollies. I spied a Mummy doll that I thought my Mom would love.

The shoot was at a residential home, so her reward for working hard was to play on the playground.  She has a major complex about wearing PANTS lately. She thinks if she wears pants people will mistaken her for a boy....thoughts on that?

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