Friday, October 23, 2015

House Progress: thrifted table

One of my favorite activities up at the house is following the BARN SALE - YARD SALE - ESTATE SALE signs.  It usually involved winding roads and trusting your gut and coming upon a treasure trove.

One of my favorite scores so far was an embroidery owl kit for $.50 at an estate sale. I have since bought several more on ebay because it is my new obsession.

We came upon one with an older woman selling all sorts of cool furniture pieces. At the time we were turning our attention to the living room and I had that on my mind. I spotted this tiny, cool-shaped table that spun on it's legs.  I though it would be a perfect little tea or card table between two of the windows in our sitting room.  She said she would bargain so we got it for $20- She told us it was MAHOGANY so I have been quoting Effie Trinkett from The Hunger games ever since: THAT IS MAHOGANY!

I knew it needed a new life. I thought about painting it, but the wood really is beautiful. I looked into fabric decoupage and thought I could do it. I drew a template of the table top with paper and then cut out fabric to match and mod podged that bad boy! 

one lesson I learned: when the fabric gets wet, it expands, so I wish I had cut it out JUST INSIDE the template lines. I ended up cutting it WHILE WET with my fabric scissors. I said to myself: If I have to sacrifice these fabric scissors, it will be okay--take one for the team.  

It's definitely not perfect, but using the brayer and speed I think I got it as exact as possible (given the hard lesson I learned from the expanding fabric!). I LOVE this fabric. I used it to make curtains in the powder room and now it sits as an accent here.  Lolly and I have already played several rounds of rummy.

What to do about the holes--apparently there used to be a railing in 4 sections of the table. I thought about glueing jewels but that wasn't reading right. I finally bought some nailheads on ebay and pounded them in. I HOPE they stick...if they pop out (which some are prone to) I will have to clip the nail part and just glue them in place. I love how it turned out.

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