Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Volleyball Season

Last season the girls and I attended nearly every volleyball game and watched these girls try their hardest to make volleyball happen. Near the end they finally won 1 match (but not both so they didn't ACTUALLY WIN).  It was inspiring to see them try so hard even after they lost game after game.

This season they were a totally new and different team! It was amazing. There were only enough girls on the team, so if one was absent they had to forfeit or reschedule. Unfortunately D was the cause of this twice. Once we had our trip to Ohio and then she got sick at the end of the season so they forfeited one and I think played with one less girl than they needed and the results just didn't count.

THAT aside, these girls were playing so many levels above where they ended the last season. It was really thrilled to see them returning and volleying and SERVING with much more ease and team work.

I could never (and still can't) enjoy volleyball. I have  the weakest, smallest wrists and it just hurts to play. No fun for me at all.  I am glad I have a little athlete!

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