Monday, September 14, 2015

Utah Trip

Our trip to Utah served many purposes. One was to present at the BYU business school. Jason gave his presentation twice in a row. I learned a lot about what he does! Very impressive. Then they had me give an hour speech and mine could NOT have been more different. I basically told all my crazy audition stories and tried to leave the kids with this message: Taking Risks is worth it.

We did a little shopping around Provo and I REALLY wish I had taken this home with me:

Our treat afterward was one of those sugar cookies from Sodalicious and the biggest Dr. Pepper with peach syrup I have ever seen (and drank drunk?)

We literally touched base with the temple for 9 minutes before meeting Ben, Sarah, Whitney and Tyler for dinner at an italian restaurant in town. We stayed with the Haslams over night and did the Marathon in the am. It was fun to cheer with them and see W and T run and the Eastmans stopped by to cheer with their beautiful twin babies.

That night we drove back to Provo to watch the football game. Lou joined us for the pre-game philanthropic dinner and the game! At half time we saw our friends the Lewis' and Demaurdants---wish they were still in our neck of the woods!  It was a pretty incredible game with a last minute (second!) win!

The next day we saw a giant 9/11 memorial that my cousin and his grandma were a big part of creating:

Meanwhile back at home:

I also got a chance to spend a little time talking with Jason's mission president and his wife. I finally understood why Jason married me. He really looked up to them and loved them. Talking to Gretl was like talking to myself in 30 years.  We are a lot alike.

Oops, these pix are in the wrong spot:

One more...on our tram on our way to Utah, Jason rode right next to one of our favorite actors, David Strathairn:

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