Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sea Glass Carousel

Being the mother to a teenager and a toddler at the same time has polarized me. I almost feel completely split in half, losing parts of myself I never knew possible! I have to constantly remind myself that I chose this! I made this choice...these children. Absolutely MY doing. And I have to see it through.

I have never resorted to this, but this is


right now.

I am trying to find the energy and the drive to keep going. Keep doing. Keep MOTHERING. 

I am trying to find a positive place and reminding myself of that time when I FIRST had a toddler. I hardly stayed inside at all...we were always adventuring out in the city.  This is the best formula for me to get through the day HAPPY.

In an effort to bring back those days gone by of happy blissful toddler life, I took my little to the Sea Glass Carousel. It was a little far and a little pricey, but worth the one on one time, and the wonder and the joy.

It really was the COOLEST ride I may have ever been on.

After we saw a woman drawing portraits, which reminded me of when my Grandpa came to NYC after my Grandma's death and he sat still and serious whilst getting his own portrait drawn.  I thought we needed a little one of my little on this special afternoon.

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