Wednesday, September 30, 2015

my loves

Oh my blog is suffering lately, but I have a few.

me: I'm going to the bathroom.
L: Where are you?

oh mom!

going to school or doing her homework everyday, she sets up the piano bench in front of the open doors of the washer and glues and colors and cuts--

she cut her hair! It was braided and she cut the edge in the ponytail--Frank did a great job of layering it and incorporating it in.

while brushing my hair: "you have long hair dude"

"you're doing great phoebe" while she is having her voice lesson.

Look Mom! This finger fits right in my nose! (puts the next one in,) and this one! (tries the next one) and THIS ONE!...but not my Thumb (pronounced FUM)


Tearing it up at school. You get up in the morning with no complaints and get it all done, you are so proud when you bring home good grades. You care so much about volleyball.

Won your first two volleyball games and scored so high with the next two that you unfortunately lost.

Being brave at the high school open house.

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