Saturday, September 19, 2015

Marathon: Air Force Marathon

Last year Jason trained up to a marathon and then ran them back to back weekends. Since he has a goal to run one in each state, this was a great way to knock two off of his list. Of course, he chose to do the same this year.  The second was the Air Force Marathon in Ohio. Our family loaded onto a tiny little commuter plane and made our way to Dayton.  I think this was the first time P was AWARE of flying on a plane. She was really excited and very hyper.  We were in and out of that state.

Near the beginning the racers ran through a little town.  It was September 19th and the whole main street was DECKED OUT in crazy Halloween decorations.  I was confused. Since it took place partially on an air force base we had a few trials getting around because it was extra security. We were some of the first to arrive at one of the check points and I had to use FULL WOO to get us at that checkpoint. 
The coolest part of the marathon was the finish. There were humongous awesome planes all lined up during the final stretch.  We knew after the last check point that he was hurting, so it was (as always at the finish) the LONGEST WAIT OF OUR LIVES.

He smiled for the camera, but his calf was hurting major. It had turned black and blue by the end. Poor guy.
He was pooped.

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