Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I knit: Vest

My friend Carrie refashions vintage dresses all the time. On Instagram one day I saw she cut some sleeves off a dress and I requested she send them to me. I wanted to make a sweater vest with the sleeves. I drew a sketch of the vest I wanted to make --actually the sketch was a sweater vest dress--and started making it!

It was really cool to see a sketch get turned into an actual item I can wear!  When I finished the vest I realized that in order for the sleeves to be attached correctly, I would need to buildout the neck/sleeve to be smaller in diameter.  I was unsure I would like the look of this, so I decided to omit the sleeves and instead use part of the collar to edge the front.  I love it so much. I used fair isle, brioche, pom-poms, wasp stitch, and a little crochet!

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