Thursday, September 17, 2015

Big Cottonwood Canyon Marathon

Jason's 12th marathon, 11th STATESIDE was the Big Cottonwood Canyon Marathon in UTAH!
We stayed with our friends Ben and Sarah and they were the best companions. Sarah got poster board and Ben took every one of these pix:

Our friends Heather and Jed came up too so that we could see them and Jed helped hand off the EATS at mile 18.
Whitney and Tyler were running the half so we saw them at mile 11 and 13 and then went back to see J at 18, 23 and the finish line.  These marathons begin HIGH up the mountain so no one can spectate until it's almost over. It's all downhill and very fast.

We saw ONE Team Sparkle Sighting!

Whitney beat her Personal record by 7 seconds...she was running SO HARD.

Jason had a pretty good showing too. Anything under 4 is outstanding!

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