Friday, August 28, 2015

I Read: 8th Grade Reading List

In an effort to connect with my teenager, and have something to talk about other than "there's this one youtuber..." I decided to read some books on her Summer Reading List.

I had already read Jurassic Park when I was her age and LOVED it and all the other Michael Crichton books I read, so I didn't re-read that, just went to see Jurassic World instead.

Witness by Karen Hesse.

I think if it was my first time reading a book about the ku ku klux klan and segregation etc., it would have been very moving.  It didn't feel like much of anything new or a revelation. I did like that it was written sort of in verse and went very quickly.

Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury

I didn't not like this book.  I did however find it interesting to read a book by an author who had such a specific style.  I kept reading because I wanted to see where he would go with it.  It had a rhythm and energy to it that I appreciated. As for the story, I guess I am not a fan of fantasy.  

After expressing to her that I was reading/had read some books on her list our conversation amounted to this:

P: I HATE Something Wicked this Way Comes it's so weird.

ME: Well, I think Bradbury is trying to point out that as young people we have some pretty big temptations and we have the opportunity to make choices that send us in one direction or another....

And she zones out and starts thinking about Parks and Recreation.

I tried.

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